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Paediatric Urology

As one of only a handful of specialists in Australia having formally completed and passed examinations in Paediatric Urology subspecialisation, Dr Rampersad is happy dealing with all aspects of Paediatric Urology, both simple and complex. 

Below is listed only some of the common conditions in Paediatric Urology. Please send any questions about these or other conditions not listed.


An abnormality in the development of the penis, this is a common disorder affecting 1 in 150 males, and ranges in severity.

Management includes  simple day surgery to more complex staged operations.

Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders

Comprising both congenital and acquired disorders including obstruction, reflux, stone management and urethral disorders.


Including functional, neurogenic and non-neurogenic bladder disorders leading to urinary incontinence.

Testis/Scrotal disorders

Including undescended testis and varicocele.

Paediatric Urology: CV
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