What do I need to bring to my appointment?

A valid referral from your GP or other specialist is essential, as well as any relevant investigation results already performed. Most of the time this information has been sent from the referrer - check before attending your appointment.

Are there any costs involved?

There is a fee for consults in rooms, with part of this refundable through Medicare. Any out of pocket expenses for private operations will depend on the private fund and policy. Public operating is covered by Medicare. My rooms will be able to advise you of any costs.

What is the waiting time for an appointment?

Wait time would be no greater than 2 weeks in general, though often less. Let the secretary know the urgency of referral and we will endeavour to accommodate your child.

How long will my child have to wait for surgery?

Timing of operations are generally organised depending on clinical urgency and theatre availability. In the public system your child is placed on a waitlist and you will be contacted by the hospital closer to the time.

If you decide to go privately, waiting time is short and usually able to be fitted into your plans.

Other Questions?

Please use the contact form if you have any other questions.