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Kidney and Urinary Tract Disorders


Comprising both congenital and acquired disorders including pelviureteric obstruction, vesicoureteric obstruction, vesicoureteric reflux, duplex kidneys and related abnormalities, kidney stones and urethral disorders.

These conditions may be diagnosed antenatally during routine pregnancy scanning, or may be found following urinary tract infection in infancy. Some conditions only become problematic in older children e.g. pelviureteric junction obstruction may present with pain in teen years.

Diagnosis of the condition is made using a combination of medical imaging. Treatment may include non-surgical or surgical management. Surgical is usually possible via a camera through the urethra (cystoscopy) or minimally invasive surgery for reconstructive surgery.

Dr Rampersad currently performs most kidney operations via keyhole surgery, and most lower urinary tract problems via cystoscopy. Most patients will either be performed as day surgery or a short inpatient stay. Only in rare cases are operations with large incisions or long inpatient stays required.

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